The company’s presence and capability to deliver support services encompasses offices in Canada, and affiliates all over the United States, Central America and Australia.

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‘Kebrite software really streamlined our various business processes, saving our HR department so much time and a lot of resources.’

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ABOUT THE COMPANY (Kebrite Solutions Inc.)

Kebrite Solutions is a Canadian software development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia whose management has been developing software specifically for manufacturers for approximately 15 years. Kebrite’s management is made up of professionals who have extensive business experience which includes work within top Fortune 500 companies. Kebrite Solutions has been providing manufacturing companies software tools that allow them to streamline their workforce management processes since 2006.

Kebrite’s business model has been successful because it is designed to address a need in the ERP market for specialized software that integrates directly into ERP systems. Kebrite’s core business comes from companies whose manufacturing strategies, processes and systems are best served by software that is customizable, specialized and fully integrated into the main system which handles and delivers all of their vital information.

Kebrite Solutions serves various sectors of the manufacturing industry and is proud to offer references from medium and large manufacturers and government contractors.


To serve the manufacturing industry by making the most reliable, customizable and complete workforce management software backed by the highest guarantee of professional, prompt support.