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‘Kebrite software really streamlined our various business processes, saving our HR department so much time and a lot of resources.’

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Through the use of scanners, keyboards or touchscreens Kebrite’s Real-Time Data Client (RDC) automates the collection and flow of Job, Time and Attendance information. Because the RDC eliminates manual data entry or calculation it ensures 100 percent accuracy.

The Office Time Client (OTC) works in batch-mode and it is designed for staff who require the ability to evaluate in detail the specifics of the work they do for accounting purposes prior to registration into the ERP system.

The Dashboard is the main data access, review, and edit interface. The dashboard displays the data that is captured as information and allows staff with the proper authority to regulate details as required. For security and auditing purposes, the system keeps a complete history of every edit – to your company this means accountability through accuracy.


Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite™ – Job Tracker, Easy Payroll, and HR modules are easily integrated into ERP and payroll systems or can be installed as an enterprise-wide solution where none exists.

The stand-alone functionality that Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite is designed to deliver can be of great value to your company in various circumstances.


  1. When your ERP system runs costing utilities it runs very slow; this often forces work stoppages.

  2. When your ERP system is completely offline because of upgrades or repairs.

Consider the cost of 50 employees unable to work for 1 hour every month.

In both cases above Kebrite’s RDC, OTC and will prevent disruptions in work and will let your staff put transactions through until the connection with the ERP system can be reestablished.

Kebrite’s ERP Adapter (ERPA)

To ensure that your company’s investment in its ERP continues to provide value Kebrite has developed its ERP Adapter (ERPA). The ERPA has been designed to be configured according to your company’s information and production needs. The ERPA is the tool that guarantees that the data processed into information by our interfaces is shared across your entire enterprise. Your company has the choice between integration or non-integration – that is flexibility.


Kebrite’s Workforce Management System automates the conversion of data into information for administrative purposes and into actionable business intelligence for management purposes.

The information gained through the Workforce Management Suite enables management to be more effective in making decisions to increase profitability.

Amongst its various benefits Kebrite’s Workforce Management System provides your management staff with the ability to know exactly how the labor force performs, what it’s doing at any point in time and how effectively it produces; as a result your team will deploy resources more efficiently, bid on jobs more accurately or price your goods more aggressively.

Our highly functional and affordable solutions fully automate your time and attendance data tracking needs helping you eliminate wasted time and effort, and saving you money. Accurate time entries can save your company an average of ten wasted minutes each day—per employee.