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ERP INTEGRATION – The Workforce Management Suite works with or without an ERP system.

PAYROLL INTEGRATION – With Kebrite’s Easy Payroll your staff will be able to turn clock-in and clock-out data into payroll information. Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite processes complex payroll rules and turns data into payroll with the added benefit of seamlessly transmitting the calculated totals to your third party payroll as a flat file consisting of all the totals it needs in order to emit checks or make bank deposits to pay your staff.

HARDWARE NEUTRAL – Deploying our functionality through the use of your existing technology is a valuable aspect of our solution. Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite does not require any specialized hardware thus saving you the cost of expensive recurring hardware upgrades and allowing you to make use of any of the hardware already available in your company. The Workforce Management Suite is compatible with scanners, cameras, keyboards, touchscreens and tablet technology.

AUDITING – To help your management team with the various government requirements during audits Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite provides a complete history and audit system. Various companies from the Aerospace industry to the Food Processing industry are already taking advantage of the auditing functionality available in our software.

STAFF MONITORING – The various features and configurable settings designed into Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite make it possible for you to implement and enforce a time and attendance policy system that can have a direct positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

EXCEPTION MANAGEMENT – Our Workforce Management Suite has an inbuilt email notification system that can be configured to email supervisors and management any time something out of the ordinary occurs with your workforce. Some of the exceptions that supervisors can receive notifications for include late arrival, early departure, failure to clock-in/out, slow job completion, better than standard performance, etc.

LABOR TICKET MODIFICATION – The Dashboard allows simple editing of labor tickets and the prorating of job hours. When dealing with multiple jobs and labor tickets the Workforce Management Suite automatically calculates the changes that need to be applied to every labor ticket that needs to be changed. Our software will automatically factor in unpaid breaks and recalculate the labor tickets that overlap the ticket that required the original change.

REPORTING – Keep accurate track of your workforce and its performance. Through the various reports available from the Workforce Management Suite your management team can measure productivity, gauge resource availability and control the daily production output.

SCHEDULING – With the core system your company will be able to schedule resources to plan and control production more efficiently. As part of the scheduling functionality your supervisory staff will have access to reports on shift exceptions and can be emailed by the system automatically when they occur.

PRODUCTION CONTROL – Besides automating the collection of job data the core system provides the means with which your team can set performance standards for production giving you direct control over daily, weekly, monthly and if necessary hourly targets. The efficiency of production can be analyzed by department, shift, group or individual employees.

STAFF INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS – The task of creating efficiency doesn’t stop at automating data collection – with Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite your HR department will have a tool to empower staff to view their schedules, review their payroll, etc. –having access to a “self-service” tool means that your HR department will have more time to take care of proactive tasks such as employee reviews, recruiting, etc.

BENEFIT MANAGEMENT – The complex calculations necessary to correlate benefits to hours worked are performed through the Workforce Management System; in addition the interface provides various screens where supervisory staff and employees can get detailed information relating to start and expiration dates, amounts accumulated and other company specific benefits such as paid time off, etc.

HEALTH AND SAFETY – The advanced HR functionality that your staff can have access to will help them deal with the complexities associated with OSHA filing requirements or any other insurance related information requirements.

SKILLS AND TRAINING – In order to keep up with the many industry or internal skills and training requirements that apply to your workforce our software delivers functionality that helps you track the status of employee license requirements, training dates, expiry dates, training history, etc.