Our software has been specifically designed to deliver functionality that helps manufacturing companies drive results through informed decision making.

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“The technical staff at Kebrite carried out our implementation extremely fast and without any problems, the best thing is that their work came at no extra cost.”

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Kebrite Solutions employs qualified IT project managers that can help your company successfully carry out the entire project.


As part of its value-driven approach Kebrite Solutions includes a website that is installed on the main PC that houses the Workforce Management Suite. The website ensures that Kebrite’s software is fully documented for your technical peace of mind; this includes every screen, every field and a special section on performing many of the set-up tasks and day-to-day duties.

Our technicians can also help with designing and creating you site’s layout, and putting together the first few pages of internal documentation.

We also help with the process of integrating our software with your existing infrastructure. The project can be implemented through a series of on-site or remote training sessions to help familiarize end users with the features and functionality of the Workforce Management Suite.

Kebrite Solutions works with its customers and delivers assistance with the initial process of setting up the server to house our software or converting an existing server to our standards.

Kebrite Solutions also offers extensive hands-on training programs for individual contributors, editors, administrators, developers, and distributors.


We progressively add features to our software and release them for free to our annual support customers; this guarantees that your investment in our software provides both long term and short term returns.

The upgrade process is absolutely simple and is detailed in the upgrade guide. Our company values your IT staff’s time so our upgrade process takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. Once the upgrade process is completed all components upgrade themselves automatically – a key benefit considering other systems require your staff to upgrade each and every computer individually.