The information gained through the Workforce Management Suite enables management to be more effective in making decisions to increase profitability.

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“By using Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite we’ve been able to save thousands of dollars in payroll every year. The return on our investment is better than we predicted.”

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Kebrite’s ERP Adapter (ERPA) allows our software to work as a stand-alone solution or an ERP integrated solution. The ERPA guarantees that our software is of great value to your operation. Our system can be used to prevent any work disruptions from taking place on the shop floor while your ERP runs costing utilities, is down due to an upgrade or any other reason – the ERPA’s connection can be severed at your discretion. In cases when the ERP connection is not turned off by you directly and your ERP system goes down the ERPA will continue to attempt to import the data captured until your ERP is available for update.


  • MULTIPLE SYSTEMS – Most automated data collection systems are task-specific – this means that companies need one system for shop employees and another for office staff.
  • NON-UNIFORMITY– In some systems, data collection is automated for one area while in others paper forms are used.
  • LOST DATA – In some cases, one system feeds payroll and another feeds ERP systems. The result is a complicated mix of non-integrated systems or modules that result in data that is never reconciled.
  • DELAYED DATA– In some systems data is not collected until the end of the day or even days or weeks after the task is performed – this makes it extremely difficult for management to make informed decisions.

With Kebrite’s Integrated Workforce Management Suite:

  • Data is captured and validated at the source and fed instantly into the ERP and available “live”.
  • Payroll data is available for upload to your payroll provider as needed.
  • Supervisors can adjust the data at any time and any corrections are automatically fed to your ERP and available for change in your payroll systems.
  • You get more reliable and consistent data through using one system.

The purpose of ERP software is to drive standardization across the enterprise that results in greater operational efficiencies.
How do you justify manual processes to handle information or the expense of non-integrated software given your ERP investment?