The information gained through the Workforce Management Suite enables management to be more effective in making decisions to increase profitability.

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“By using Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite we’ve been able to save thousands of dollars in payroll every year. The return on our investment is better than we predicted.”

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Following is a list of some of the key benefits your company will receive by choosing our solutions. The list is just a short outline to highlight some of the key aspects of your choice. For your convenience we could arrange for an online demonstration to discuss our company and to fully explain the system’s functionality, or put the system through scenarios specific to your operations and answer any questions that you may have.


    • Free installation, setup and 8 hours training


    • Additional free license is provided to set up a second system to act as the training and testing platform.


    • ERP integration


    • Company-wide payroll solution


    • Payroll integration with any payroll system that allows flat file importing


    • The licensing is not dependent on the number of employees using the system


    • An inbuilt employee/shift exception management and email notification system


    • There is a pre-installed web-based user guide that documents every screen and field


    • Proactive emailing system to notify key staff when staffing irregularities are occurring


    • Full reporting for all system areas that provide precise information for any period of time


    • All reports can be saved in PDF, Excel and in some cases HTML format.


    • There is no restriction on the number of staff that can access the Dashboard to monitor and view reports.


    • Annual support package includes all future upgrades to the product



    • Our system does not require any additional licenses for integration.


    • We have a component (Kebrite ERP Adapter) that handles the communication between our system and your ERP.


    • When selecting data from your ERP’s tables we specify the exact fields so all future versions should be compatible as your ERP is unlikely to drop table fields.


    • No matter what ERP system version you have we always perform a trial run at our office to ensure that software works perfectly with your ERP’s database version.


    • We do not place any objects (triggers, stored procedures, tables) on your ERP system so it does not void your warranty or support.


    • We connect with a SQL Server or Oracle database.


    • We have two ways of performing Auto Issue on labor ticket entries.


    • If you experience an ERP server or database backup failure, we can re-export any amount of data so that it will not require manual entry to repopulate the ERP system.


    • Our software will continue working even if the ERP connection is down.