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Our Job Tracking component enables accurate, timely and reliable labor tracking.

Some Tracking Options Available:

  • Hours by work order or indirect job
  • Labor and quantity by shift or department
  • Hours against specific operations (even jobs lasting only a few minutes)
  • Machine Setup vs. Run
  • Split labor hours for multiple, concurrent jobs
  • Quantities, scrap, completed, job comments


The Easy Payroll component collects all your attendance hours and automatically applies any number of complex payroll rules your company is subject to observing. With Easy Payroll you will remove human errors that take place when you transform time and attendance data into complex payroll information.

Employees use our simplified screens and any standard input device to submit time and attendance data quickly and easily. The Easy Payroll component can be easily configured to verify and feed data to your in-house or outsourced payroll system. Easy Payroll automatically calculates regular, overtime, breaks, shift premiums, rounding, grace periods, etc.

The Easy Payroll component facilitates approval of payroll data. Supervisors can adjust time and pay codes, approve employee time online from any computer; they can review records by employee name or department and assign multiple earning codes like night shift or vacation.



Kebrite has a solid two way communication component that can directly interact with your ERP database and transmit a flat file to your third party payroll provider with all of the values necessary for making check or bank deposits to your employees.

The ERPA will let your employees continue collecting time and attendance as well as job data even if your ERP system is down for maintenance and reporting requirements.

For our clients that have a Visual Manufacturing® ERP System (VM), Kebrite Solutions has a specific component that communicates with VM®. The Adapter communicates with the Employee, Work Order, Operation, Shop Resource and Labor Ticket tables. Our interface will accurately reflect what you have as working data in VM® but in a more intuitive and convenient manner for your shop floor staff, and office staff.*

* Visual Manufacturing™, Visual Financials™, and Visual Enterprise™ are trademarks of Infor. Kebrite Solutions Inc. does not own any software sold by Infor and does not hold any copy of such software in any Kebrite office. Kebrite does not have a partnership agreement in any form with Infor or any of their subsidiary companies. If you require any assistance with your Visual Manufacturing software then please go directly to your authorized Infor representative.