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“The technical staff at Kebrite carried out our implementation extremely fast and without any problems, the best thing is that their work came at no extra cost.”

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Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite features an interface that is designed to be “intuitive” and user friendly. We know that in manufacturing speed and accuracy are absolute requirements, we also know that for supervisors and management the process for handling labor tracking information HR and payroll should be as simple as possible.

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RDC – Real-time Data Client

The Workforce Management Suite’s shop floor and doorway interface – “RDC” is user friendly and intuitive making it possible for staff to quickly clock-in and out for time and attendance purposes or job tracking.

With the RDC your staff will efficiently track jobs, perform auto issue, enter scrap, and complete quantities, view operations and details such as drawings or descriptions. The RDC has been designed to permit staff on the shop floor to process transactions quickly and efficiently. The RDC is highly configurable and its interface may be used by an unlimited number of employees without requiring a special license.

The overall result of using Kebrite’s RDC is that your company will save money on each transaction it carries out because Kebrite will remove errors, the need for manual processes, and the constant maintenance of spreadsheets.


OTC – Office Time Client

If you employ staff whose job requires “hands-on” record keeping Kebrite offers the Office Time Client (OTC), it works in batch-mode to let them allocate time and edit details as they need. Users simply access their own personalized time card and enter their hours against any job they wish. Typically the OTC has been used by engineering staff, executives and workers that require access to their own work data at their desks.



Kebrite’s Dashboard can be used by an unlimited number of employees to view their time and attendance, schedules, benefits, or payroll at no cost. With the dashboard, employees you authorize will easily perform such tasks as labor ticket changes (single and multiple) prorate job hours, authorize time off, view reports and much more.

The Dashboard automates the administrative work associated with handling HR, Payroll, Health and Safety as well as Skills and Training requirements. Through the dashboard, management will have real-time access to the various payroll, attendance, performance and labor variance reports that are so vital to your operations. In addition, with the dashboard staff can create and keep track of special projects and the details that matter.