The information gained through the Workforce Management Suite enables management to be more effective in making decisions to increase profitability.

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“By using Kebrite’s Workforce Management Suite we’ve been able to save thousands of dollars in payroll every year. The return on our investment is better than we predicted.”

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Our Workforce Management Suite delivers fast, substantial and sustained return on investment.

Kebrite’s software has a proven ability to generate quick returns within organizations, by improving speed, accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions give organizations power to manage people and time – minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. Payback can be achieved in less than six months!

Our Workforce Management Suite enables you to save up to one hour per week per employee; the cumulative effect of incremental savings in time and gains in productivity enables companies to save $1,000 to $5,000 – per employee – per year!

Companies that use our software report that the benefits accrue in two main areas – Reduced Costs and Reduced Risks.


  1. How much money does your company lose every time there is an ERP related work stoppage?
  2. What is the cost associated with the errors inherent in employees calculating their time manually?
  3. Why should supervisory staff spend time handling information requests through paper sheets?
  4. Does your investment in your ERP system reflect the accuracy of workforce information available to you?