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‘Kebrite software really streamlined our various business processes, saving our HR department so much time and a lot of resources.’

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Kebrite builds software using the latest technology available from Microsoft® it takes advantage of the .NET framework, LINQ and is coded using C#

Kebrite’s software is robust, and agile; its effective design makes it easy for our technical staff to customize functionality and features around your processes and to deliver solutions that have a direct positive impact on your bottom line.

Technology / Software

  • Development environment: Visual Studio (always the latest version)
  • Back End: SQL Server 2008 or newer or Microsoft’s free version of SQL Server Express 2016


    • Web based interfaces 
    • n-tier smart client / server design
    • – The smart clients update themselves automatically so there is no need to manually push out an update to all the PCs in your company.
    • This design provides a much richer and fuller experience to the end users.
    • Designed through use of Microsoft’s Pattern & Practices factories ( )
    • Designed with simple table objects and not cumbersome. NET data components like Data Tables and Data Sets.
    • Current version uses OLEDB direct database connection.
    • All business logic is on the clients:
    • 95+% of all SP’s are simple insert, update and delete calls
  • More involved SP’s are required for reports and some approval screen functionality.



  • The system is not affected by adding more employees or requirements onto the database.
  • Well designed and developed system
  • Clean segregation of layers and related objects: interface layer, business entity objects, business logic objects, data access objects.
  • Every SQL Server table has its own specific business logic object and data access object.